Last night & tomorrow.

So I get home last night after pulling an open-to-close and I’ve got a raging headache. Not sure why, maybe it was a lack of caffeine (I get terrible caffeine withdrawal headaches when I don’t drink any or enough coffee/Mountain Dew/whatever), or maybe it was the changing weather. Whatever it was, it was pretty punishing, so when I sat down in front of my TV in my comfy bean bag chair, I closed my eyes and pulled my jacket tight around me like a blanket and nodded right off for about an hour.

Then I woke up, realized just how uncomfortable I was, and rolled over into a more comfortable position. Nodded back off, woke up about an hour later, realized that wasn’t any good either, and threw off my jacket, scarf, shoes, and some other articles of clothing and went to bed. I wound up getting something like ten hours of sleep, which resulted in me feeling actually quite rested when I finally crawled out of bed in the morning. However, the side effect of that was that A) I didn’t get anything to eat last night, and B) I didn’t do anything at all between getting home from work and going to work the next day. Clearly no blogging, and also no watching of DVDs, and no opening of toys.

Which is a shame, because I finally got in my DOCTOR WHO “Eleven Doctors” action figure box set yesterday, and I only got to open it just now. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll post some pictures and some longer thoughts, but the short version: great concept, great price point given what I paid — a hair over ten dollars a figure, and keep in mind this was imported from the U.K. — but spotty quality control, which has me now scouring eBay for a replacement Fifth Doctor, which bugs me seriously, because I HAD a perfectly good Fifth Doctor (from a “Time Crash” San Diego exclusive set I discovered for a reasonable price at, but sold it off on eBay because I figured I didn’t need a redundant Fifth Doctor because, Hey, I’m getting the “Eleven Doctors” set! Ugh. For the record, his problem is that you can’t look at him straight on without noticing a large line along the seam between his hair and his head that is painted flesh tone. It just looks awful.

Other than poor Peter Davison, though, none of the figures came out egregiously bad; in fact, most are satisfactory at worst. The worst I found on the other ten Doctors are some minor paint marks here and there, but even the minor bits on the faces — some very fine marks on the Eleventh Doctor’s right cheek and a spot on the Eighth Doctor’s left — are barely noticeable unless you’re really looking for them. The new version of the Fourth Doctor is just amazing-looking, with that new head sculpt ultimately being everything I hoped it’d be. Also, call me crazy, but I’m totally stoked to finally have an action figure of the Sixth Doctor; I’ve honestly been taken with that rather arrogant-looking likeness of Colin Baker since I first saw it when the first wave of “classic” DOCTOR WHO figures was announced. And while it’s a bit off by all accounts courtesy WHO fanatics more fanatical than I, I kind of like the color scheme of his outfit in this set. The coat in these particular hues reminds me of a pack of Starbursts candy, while the waistcoat and tie ensemble put me in the mind of cupcakes with sprinkles.

More thoughts and pictures sometime Sunday afternoon. For now, I’m gonna track down a non-crappy Peter Davison and maybe some adversaries for this lot, and then turn in for the evening. And maybe, just maybe, I won’t get up ’til noon. That sounds like a plan.