There have been many main-line TRANSFORMERS toys to possess the name “Galvatron” since the 1986 original I featured yesterday. The first, in the late 1990’s, was a BEAST WARS Japan-only release that turned into a dragon and a drill tank. I would be bringing him up here, but I seem to have mislaid mine. Or maybe I sold it off on a whim one day. I forget which. (I hope it’s the former. That was a cool toy, and he turned into a drill tank.) Then at the start of the decade the U.S. TRANSFORMERS line made a bad habit of renaming every second-release Megatron figure, in different colors, Galvatron. “Oh look, Megatron had changed colors and powered up! He’s Galvatron now!” Look, they just changed his colors around and made him “stronger.” That’s no reason to change his name. They did that in ROBOTS IN DISGUISE, when that series’s Megatron turned from purple to white, then in ARMADA, where that series’s Megatron went from gray and green to white and purple, and then …

Well, then they did something I didn’t mind so much. The TRANSFORMERS: ENERGON Megatron toy was already sculpted as an original-series Galvatron homage, and then they gave it THESE colors:



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I started collecting Transformers in 1986, the year of the original animated movie — the year where the fine folks at Hasbro and Marvel killed off Optimus Prime and most of the guys from the first two years of cartoons and toys to make way for the new futuristic cast of characters living in the far-flung future year of 2005. (Yes, five years ago. I know.) My first Transformer was actually a replacement for a Go-Bot I broke; the Go-Bot I broke was an “Evil Renegade” called Zero, and the Transformer I wound up with was a little Autobot car called Tailgate — two terribly dissimilar things, but y’know, I was a kid.

Then I saw TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE in a theater, at Crown Center in Kansas City, and watched all the new toy commercials for all the guys who were in the movie, and decided I needed two things for Christmas: Ultra Magnus and Galvatron. Ultra Magnus I know I got for that Christmas. Galvatron I’m fairly certain I got several months later.

Ultra Magnus I have a soft spot for because he WAS my first big Transformer. He’s sort of interesting in the British Marvel Comics run because he’s the poor sap who has to keep fighting Galvatron, but in the animated series and in subsequent portrayals he’s sort of a stick-in-the-mud boring guy soldier. He’s either Rodimus Prime’s right hand guy who has to keep the still-young Autobot leader on task, or he’s boring space cop, or he’s the grim and pragmatic Autobot figurehead. Not a fun guy.

But Galvatron … man, where to begin with that guy!

Decepticon City Commander Galvatron.

This was the new face of evil -- and the new face of madness -- in 1986.

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More action figure fun with the Doctor and friends (and enemies).

Yesterday in the mail I got some Dalek figures from Character Options’ recent DOCTOR WHO action figure waves based on Matt Smith’s first season as the Doctor — the second release “Ironsides” Dalek and the yellow “New Dalek Paradigm” Eternal Dalek. That was just the nudge I needed to start another photo frenzy with the last month’s worth of DOCTOR WHO figure acquisitions.

A shame there isn't a little Amelia Pond figure for him to encounter.

The new Doctor emerges, per the just past season premiere "The Eleventh Hour."

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Sometimes I think I need a modern gaming system, sometimes I’m not so sure.

I spent a lot of last week playing FINAL FANTASY II on the SNES — the original U.S. version of the game we’ve come to know, via PlayStation-era and later rereleases, as FINAL FANTASY IV. I’ve had that cart in my possession for most of the past decade, but never finished it after my save file magically got corrupted and leveled up and weird. Right now, though, I’m taking a break from it to play this (not my video, BTW) …

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