Vibrant villains.

 G2 Combaticons team-up with knock-off Metrotitan.

I am in love with the hot pink on knock-off Metrotitan. It really makes that figure for me.

Say hello to a match made in mecha-hell, the already vibrantly neon Generation 2 Combaticons (which I’ve had since their release eighteen years ago) and the not-too-difficult-to-procure KO Metrotitan, renowned for the fact that where the hard-to-find genuine article is a more fire engine red, mister bootleg happens to be HOT PINK.

I probably wouldn’t have been interested in the KO Metrotitan if NOT for the hot pink. Remember, I lived through Generation 2 and LIKED it, and I’ve been tempted on more than one occasion to snag last year’s G2 Botcon set for the blinding colors alone. (And the G2 insignias, which I have a soft spot for.)

These guys look so great together I’m half tempted to go non-canonical with Metrotitan and buy some Generation 2 Decepticon insignias to slap all over him. While the original Generation 1 version was rejiggered to house Micromasters, this brazenly 80’s neon version really looks brilliant with the ridiculously purple-camouflaged Generation 2 Scramble City team. Seeing how well they match makes me weep that the even more ghastly Generation 2 Stunticons were never released. (Catch an eyeful of what those would have looked like at the Transformers wiki here.)

Two eye-searing tastes that go eye-searingly together.

Metrotitan city mode + Onslaught battle station mode = Urban Sprawl.

My only problem with my Metrotitan is the fact that his chrome is way messed up on the face. Take a nice close look at him: you’ll see a distinct lack of chrome on his nose. Not long after I bought this, I got an Animated Rodimus with a face slightly marred by a line of paint drizzle beneath the top silver coat of paint. It’s hard to describe, but the result is what looks like a weird scar on the right side of his face. Then after THAT I got the Battle in Space two-pack featuring a gorgeous pale purple Cyclonus and a more cartoon-accurate Classics Rodimus. Guess what: Rodimus is missing some paint on his nose. What is with my recent string of Transformers acquisitions and facial deformities?

There’s also the issue of the left side of his torso not locking, but I’ve heard that’s a problem with the entire run; I knew that would be a problem going in. It doesn’t actually bother me that much. As you can see, I bought this to play with more than anything. If he doesn’t display perfectly, oh well. Besides, nobody’s going to be looking directly at him long enough to notice the torso thing unless I point it out; they’ll be too busy shielding their eyes from the blazing hot pink. Still, I’ve been looking into repainting his face with a coat of silver, and if I do go through that trouble, I might as well make with the G2 insignias to make him “mine.”

Despite his build and detail issues, Metrotitan’s definitely one of my fave recent purchases — a unique and eye-catching addition to my Decepticon forces!