Vlog: On the Upcoming Robotech Animation

This week: my two cents on the 2011 Robotech animation project that’s being previewed at all the major stops of The Tommy Yune Show Featuring Robotech 2011 Tour. Snark aside, I’m cautiously interested, mostly due to the fact that the alleged lead character is someone I felt The Shadow Chronicles ignored for the sake of streamlining its story, the Invid princess Sera.


– Funny thing happened yesterday. After receiving my new copy of the 2nd Robotech Legacy Collection box set on Friday, the ex-coworker who still had the old one dropped by the store and returned it to me. Ain’t that the way life always goes?

– I watched the first episode of an all-new anime show in a timely fashion for the first time in forever, and it was extremely good. Seriously, the first episode of Sunrise’s TIGER & BUNNY was the most exciting first episode of an anime I’ve watched in years. Fame-whore corporate-sponsored superheroes competing in a reality show, trying to balance fighting for truth and justice with keeping the shareholders happy. It’s a Joe Casey-style story directed by the guy who designed the characters and mecha for THE BIG O, and visually it’s oozing with pizazz. With all that going for it, there’s no good reason not to watch it.

Promo art for Tiger & Bunny

And the main character has a sharp-looking beard, so that's cool.

– Remember, the daily Robotech posts start tomorrow! I’ll be burning through the first disc sometime this afternoon. What better way to spend my birthday than revisiting one of my most favorite things ever?

– Oh, and yeah, that’s right — I turn thirty today. Wow. Scary.


2 thoughts on “Vlog: On the Upcoming Robotech Animation

  1. Saw Tiger and Bunny, and was blown away. A real nice twist to the reality game show genre featuring superheroes instead of common folk duking it out for the big prize.

  2. This is interesting. I was not aware or even expecting that we might actually get some new Robotech animation released any time soon. However, I have to admit that I find myself somewhat conflicted over the prospect of exploring side stories and/or the in-between times in the storyline.

    On the one hand, there is a tremendously rich vein of material to be mined, if one were to do it well. It would also be nice to get something other than re-releases of the same 25-year old material, or a mediocre feature film that barely advances the existing story. I suppose many of the earlier comics covered this territory, but unfortunately, that’s not something I was exposed to.

    And yet, part of the charm of Robotech was how much was left vague and unsaid. There were always hints of other events going on, but rarely anything explicit, and fans could connect the dots as they wished. This is not to say I want the gaps in the storyline to remain dark, just that I fear the effects of such an endeavor done poorly – and that may be unavoidable given how much time has passed between the framing of the original arcs and the ad hoc grafting of new story interpretations. But perhaps that boat has long since sailed. There are already a number of conflicting storylines, so I’m probably pining over issues that fans have lamented at length for decades.

    On balance, I suppose I am excited, and only upset to the extent that I can’t have some say in the matter ;)

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