Robotech, In Brief: Gloval’s Report

“You know, I have a confession to make. Now it seems a little silly, but I had a bad omen when I took command of the ship, that something terrible would happen.”

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WHAT HAPPENS: Captain Gloval finally finds the time to sit down and record his report for his superiors, explaining the events that occurred on Macross Island during the day of the launch ceremony, the disastrous space fold operation, the reconstruction of Macross City within the ship, Doctor Lang’s modular transformation, the Battle of Saturn’s Rings, the Battle of Mars Base Sara, the beauty pageant, and ultimately the bombardment that took out the radar and Lt. Commander Lisa Hayes’s subsequent recon patrol that resulted in the capture of her and the Vermilion Team. As he ponders why the Zentraedi, with their millions of ships, terrifying stature, and resilient body structure would fear something as simple as a kiss, Lisa arrives with fresh coffee, and Gloval admits to her that he had an ill omen when he took this command, that something terrible would happen and he and the crew would be changed forever. Lisa remarks that in a way, his omen came true …

Veritech Vs. Battlepod original production cel, from my personal animation art collection.

THOUGHTS: It’s Robotech thus far with all the messy interpersonal stuff stripped out, a “just the facts” recounting of the SDF-1’s accidental journey to Pluto and back through Captain Gloval’s eyes, from “Boobytrap” through “First Contact,” cleverly edited to remove any other characters’ points of view. The only exception is the interrogation scene from “First Contact,” and he’d had that officially delivered to him by his trusted First Officer, so he’s confident in the veracity of that information. By and large it features some of the best quality mecha animation the series has offered so far, but given that it’s a recap episode, it’s the opposite of essential viewing. It’s mostly battle footage, and given this show, you’ll be seeing a lot of these sequences again anyway; heck, some of them were used in the episode just prior. We do get a nice moment with Lisa and Captain Gloval at the end that suggests the closeness between the two we see in full force next episode, but otherwise it’s a relic of a time before widespread video recording, video rental, home VHS libraries, home LaserDisc libraries, home DVD libraries, YouTube, Hulu, Netflix Watch Instantly … need I go on? If you want to get caught up, you can watch the first thirteen any time you want, anyWHERE you want. Thankfully, the next time-killing episode is much more imaginative.

FIRSTS OF NOTE: This is the first episode you can safely skip.

RICK’S STATE OF MIND: Hm, I wonder what he would be up to. Pining for Minmei, I suppose.

DOES MINMEI SING? The closest thing to a nod Minmei gets is when Gloval informs his superiors about the Miss Macross pageant, which I guess he mentions mostly because, as you may recall, he was a judge.


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  1. I don’t have a lot of cels, but some of the ones I do have are from that sequence too! I got three or four of them from that sequence; I always wanted to get them framed together. Maybe someday.

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