Vlog 05.21.2011 – The Definition of Insanity

Heaven help me, I’m almost feeling optimistic about the latest installment of Michael Bay’s not-very-good Transformers movie franchise. I’ve bought too many of the new figures and I’ve caught a bad case of Dark of the Moon fever. In this week’s vlog, I explain why. I also accidentally rip Shockwave’s arm off, so that’s fun.

For the two of you who may not have seen it in the past twenty-six years, THIS is one of the key reasons why Shockwave Is A Big Deal:

Mark Bright's oft referenced cover for Marvel's The Transformers #5.

Mark Bright's oft referenced cover for Marvel's The Transformers #5.

Also, Corey Burton’s voice, but he’s not going to be in Michael Bay’s new movie. So that sucks.

A note regarding the rib-chest — for some reason the image of Shockwave I have in my mind’s eye is far more reminiscent of Dwayne Turner’s strange and awful take on the character in Transformers #68 than anything else. That particular drawing provides a very pronounced take on the segmented lower torso, especially compared to the toy and animation model. Mind you, the War For Cybertron version of the character also has a torso that appears to have a sort-of pronounced ribcage, meaning I’m not as crazy seeing that and saying, “Yeah, that’s totally Shockwave!” as I thought.

Tomorrow I’ll have up a look at today’s new episode of Doctor Who, which I’m quite looking forward to as I have no idea what it’s going to be about aside from the fact that we have weird clone doppelganger people in it. And the week ahead sees the end of The Macross Saga, a look at Robotech II: The Sentinels, and the beginning of Dana Sterling’s adventures battling the Robotech Masters. I love the second generation of Robotech, and can’t wait to sink my teeth into it. Here’s hoping you’ll stick around for that ride!