Vlog 06.25.2011 – Catching Up With Comics

Thirty long minutes of talking up and discussing my reactions to a handful of comic book series I’ve been reading and getting caught up on. The four series I talk about are all ones I’m pretty pleased with as of late; the only one I’ve been waffling on is IDW’s Transformers, and honestly, it really is the least of those discussed; I started reading Uncanny X-Force because of good buzz, while Transformers is something I’m reading because, eh, it’s Transformers. To be fair, these past two issues were especially well crafted, mostly a result of Guido Guidi’s always strong artwork. (Honestly, I think he’s a better Transformers artist than everyone’s favorite Pat Lee ghost-artist Alex Milne, and there are times I prefer him to king of the fan faves Don Figueroa.) And, as I say above, it pushed my nostalgia buttons pretty hard; I’m always a sucker for Rodimus and Galvatron.

Anyway, watch & comment. It’s a long one, like I said, so I don’t expect a massive amount of viewers and hits and stuff, but I’d be interested in seeing what other people have been reading out there comics-wise.


Anime Capsules: Or More Like Two Robot Cartoon Capsules With A Side of Anime.

I was seriously planning on watching some more anime this week, but my sleep schedule’s still way off, so it wound up being two flashback robot cartoons and the first of several episodes of Tiger & Bunny I needed to get caught up on. And of the lot, I’d say the past week’s Transformers Prime was the best, even if I’d like one particular member of its human cast to get squished. Thoughts on the remainder of the Voltron Force pilot three-parter, the return of MECH to TF Prime, and a month-plus-old anime half hour below …

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Vlog 06.18.2011 – Generation Lost and Found

This week I could easily have spent some time pondering the September renumbering and relaunch of the entire DC Comics superhero line, or complained at length about the dozen or so ways that Marvel’s X-Men “Regenesis” event is stupid. But instead I decided to focus on one of my shining lights of last week, the arrival of a long-awaited Transformers toy on the front porch of my apartment building. Continue reading

Anime Capsules: Two 80’s Revivals That Start With V.

In the absence of new Doctor Who to write about, I’ve decided to write up some short bits on whatever anime and cartoons I’ve watched throughout the week. Mind you, this past week I’ve mostly been working and trying to catch up on my sleep (and I’ve got one more episode of Robotech to get caught up on as of this writing), but I’ve made the time to catch a couple of things worth talking about: two 2011 efforts spinning out of robot animation of the 1980’s that start with the letter V. One’s the first episode of a kids’ show airing on NickToons, and the other is a direct-to-video one-shot bit of nostalgia that’s never gonna see the light of day here in the States. More’s the pity in the latter case, but given poor sales of the original TV series three times over in the U.S., I understand why.

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Robotech, In Brief: A New Recruit

“You may know, Lieutenant, we have a problem with Zor. He’s here, but he’s not here. His memory’s completely wiped out, and we badly need to debrief him.”

“But sir, debrief him right here? Now?”

“No, not now! What’s the matter with you? Just listen to me a moment, Lieutenant. Zor’s now under your personal direction.”

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