On vacation – resuming normal service next week.

Just an FYI, I’m posting this from upstairs at my parents’ place back in good ol’ Pittsburg, KS to let you all know that the weekly vlog and Robotech, In Brief will be returning next week. I was hoping to get something shot for the vlog yesterday morning and some extra Robotech, In Brief posts in the can, but work got a little crazy and time just slipped through my fingers.

Some quick thoughts on recent media viewings:

  • I had a second watch of “A Good Man Goes To War” with my dad, who thought it was fantastic; I actually liked it better the second time, too. Alex Kingston’s performance when River’s talking to Rory at the beginning is really interesting on second viewing; watch her reaction when Rory asks River if she knows him. She’s losing her poker face here. Of course she knows him. How could she not know him? I suppose now that I think about it the reason she didn’t recognize him in “The Big Bang” is for the same reason that Amy couldn’t remember anything about her parents; the ripples of his life across time still happened, but people who should have remembered him couldn’t put a name or a face to that person’s role in their lives. It took Amy a while and some effort to remember him in “The Pandorica Opens,” after all. That’s been bugging me for weeks ever since I put two and two together, honestly. Such a pain that the rules of time in Doctor Who aren’t as hard and fast as you’d think they should be.
  • Saw X-Men: First Class today. Absolutely loved it. Best in the series. Great performances all around, except for poor wooden January Jones as Emma Frost, who wasn’t to my eyes as terrible as everyone says but was utterly outclassed on all fronts. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender manage to build on-screen Xavier and Magneto’s friendship beyond what the script states, and even if the players aren’t all “right” and the beats are way off of the history in the comics, the story works beautifully as an origin for the X-Men. The schism plays out magnificently. It’s a prequel that works so well that it’s making me rethink my knee-jerk distaste for prequels. (Then again, I saw the trailer for Rise of the Planet of the Apes in front of First Class and almost wanted to shout at the top of my lungs, “WHO WANTS TO SEE THIS?! COME ON, WHO?! WHAT IS THE F***ING POINT OF THIS EXERCISE?!”) I just wish it didn’t end so completely; I wish there was more of McAvoy’s Xavier and Fassbender’s Magneto being teammates and kicking ass. I realize that due to the whirlwind production process there probably isn’t another, longer cut of the movie out there, but I really do wish there was, if just for more of them being allies and friends. Also: Kevin Bacon’s Sebastian Shaw was not quite the character from the comics, but was a worthy villain for this piece, definitely, and had some tremendous smug villainous charm. Cleverly written, rather well directed and designed, and the most true to the spirit of the best X-Men stories in both a weirdly-incestuous-continuity way and in dealing the greater themes of the franchise, it’s a winner all-around. I kind of want to see it again, but I think I can wait for the home video release.