Vlog 06.18.2011 – Generation Lost and Found

This week I could easily have spent some time pondering the September renumbering and relaunch of the entire DC Comics superhero line, or complained at length about the dozen or so ways that Marvel’s X-Men “Regenesis” event is stupid. But instead I decided to focus on one of my shining lights of last week, the arrival of a long-awaited Transformers toy on the front porch of my apartment building.

Marvel Comics's Transformers Generation 2 #1

Fall 1993. I was twelve. Simon Furman was writing The Transformers again. Middle school aside, all was right with the world.

G1 and G2-colored Classics Ramjets.

I can appreciate the white one, but I LIKE the purple and teal one. Classics Ramjet (2007) with TFCC G2 Ramjet (2011).

Moving on from my early 90’s Transformers nostalgia, this week Robotech, In Brief will be getting back to its daily a.m. schedule; over the next five days the Tactical Armored Space Corps takes the battle to the Robotech Masters, Louie Nichols has his hard work repurposed by his superiors, and the 15th Squadron gets a closer look at life aboard the Tirolian motherships. I’ve also just finished watching the remainder of the Voltron Force pilot, so I’ll have some thoughts on parts two and three in next weekend’s capsule roundup. I also plan on getting caught up on some of the anime I started a few months back, with Tiger and Bunny at the top of the list.


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