Vlog 07.10.2011 – A Rose-Tinted Funk

I’m tired, I’m rambling, and I’m in a weird funk right now. The weather’s gotten warm, and the apartment’s warmer than it is outside. I worry what it’d feel like in here if it were as hot as it is in my old stomping grounds of Southeast Kansas; it’s consistently been 100+ for the past several days. And as you can probably tell just going back and watching the YouTube channel, I’ve been in this reflective mood, spending a lot of time thinking back about where I’ve been and what I’ve done; it winds up being a tour of all the toys I’ve owned and the cartoons I’ve watched, since I steadfastly refused to grow up in my teenage years. But this week I’ve hit upon a theory as to why the childish end of geek culture keeps on keeping on with this generation.

I also spend a few minutes grousing about what little I heard happened at the Robotech panel at Anime Expo. I read a write-up of the panel by some dude I’d never heard of and, while I was at work one day, watched a little bit of Steve introducing one of the new tracks from the shoulda-would-coulda-been-the-25th-Anniversary soundtrack on YouTube from my phone. I also caught a snippet of what I presume to be the latest panel presentation footage from the new animation project which, based on what I could make out, actually looks pretty snazzy. I am so hoping this stupid thing winds up being cool and worthwhile. I seriously hope the last Robotech project Carl Macek’s name is attached to doesn’t suck. I swear, if it does, if this thing winds up being as half-baked as The Shadow Chronicles …

I don’t even want to think about that.

As I say at the end of the video, here’s hoping next week I’m in a better mood.


Anime Capsules: Life Is Too Short To Watch Any More Voltron Force.

So it’s the usual U.S. robot cartoons — a good episode of Transformers and a really irritating episode of Voltron that made me think twice about watching the next one — plus I started plowing through the Tiger & Bunny episodes I haven’t seen yet, ending with a big turning point that’s got me charged up to start through the next few. But the big one this week is the dramatic return of Utena director Kunihiko Ikuhara, the premiere of Mawaru Penguindrum. Thoughts on all of the above below. Continue reading

Vlog 06.29.2011 – Standing in the Dark of the Moon

I recorded this one the evening after watching Transformers: Dark of the Moon in 3D; those are the 3D specs you see me pulling off in the opening seconds. Most people appear to like this one better than Michael Bay’s previous outing with the sons (and occasional daughters) of Cybertron, though I imagine due to the feeling of getting burned by 2009’s Revenge of the Fallen this isn’t going to do quite as well as that film in the box office, even with ticket price inflation and the premium price of the 3D experience. No matter, as it’s probably still going to crush everything in its path short of, say, the final Harry Potter film. Not a great movie, and I still like the old 1986 animated flick better, but certainly a neat experience if you can catch it in three dimensions, and I contend that it’s a much better Transformers movie than the previous two, even if not a better movie, full stop. There’s something very tacked on about the elements of the mythology of the old toys, cartoons, and comics that appeared in the previous film, while the use of such artifacts as the Matrix of Leadership and Space Bridge technology here felt like logical extensions of their use in the 1980s vintage material. Call me a giant Transformers nerd — and easy to please — but I liked that. Continue reading

Anime Capsules: Eye Beams, Claws, Lasers, Grappling Hooks, Robots, And More.

Man, this week it started getting warmer and I spent a whole lot of time snoozing my days away, lethargic, unwilling to move. Thankfully I spent a lot of this past Sunday watching the middle third of the recently completed (in its home nation of Japan) X-Men anime series and catching up on the two 1980’s throwback robot cartoons, so I’ve got those to talk about. Continue reading