Vlog 07.10.2011 – A Rose-Tinted Funk

I’m tired, I’m rambling, and I’m in a weird funk right now. The weather’s gotten warm, and the apartment’s warmer than it is outside. I worry what it’d feel like in here if it were as hot as it is in my old stomping grounds of Southeast Kansas; it’s consistently been 100+ for the past several days. And as you can probably tell just going back and watching the YouTube channel, I’ve been in this reflective mood, spending a lot of time thinking back about where I’ve been and what I’ve done; it winds up being a tour of all the toys I’ve owned and the cartoons I’ve watched, since I steadfastly refused to grow up in my teenage years. But this week I’ve hit upon a theory as to why the childish end of geek culture keeps on keeping on with this generation.

I also spend a few minutes grousing about what little I heard happened at the Robotech panel at Anime Expo. I read a write-up of the panel by some dude I’d never heard of and, while I was at work one day, watched a little bit of Steve introducing one of the new tracks from the shoulda-would-coulda-been-the-25th-Anniversary soundtrack on YouTube from my phone. I also caught a snippet of what I presume to be the latest panel presentation footage from the new animation project which, based on what I could make out, actually looks pretty snazzy. I am so hoping this stupid thing winds up being cool and worthwhile. I seriously hope the last Robotech project Carl Macek’s name is attached to doesn’t suck. I swear, if it does, if this thing winds up being as half-baked as The Shadow Chronicles …

I don’t even want to think about that.

As I say at the end of the video, here’s hoping next week I’m in a better mood.


3 thoughts on “Vlog 07.10.2011 – A Rose-Tinted Funk

  1. You’re not the only one going through a reflective period. I’m 35 years old as of today. I’ve spent a lot of time getting rid of stuff this year. Old toys, etc. (Not all of them, though.) Next I’ll be going through my comic book collection. Partially, I’m getting rid of this stuff because I just don’t feel much of an attachment to it anymore. Also, I need the money.

    The new “Robotech” project shows some promise. I’ll remain skeptical towards it until we actually see it. And I’ll probably remain fairly skeptical about it for awhile afterwards as well.

  2. Okay, then. I’ve also been in a reflective mood lately because I’ve been thinking about my high school years at McNeil High and my three year sojourn in Austin, TX. What I really miss about Austin are 6th Street, my classmates, and the live music. (Austin isn’t called the Live Music Captial of the World for nothing.)

    I may be 33 years old, but my memories for Austin will live on.

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