Robotech, In Brief: The Hunters

“I don’t need you anymore, Dana.”

“I’m not going! I’ll bet I’m good at building machinery, even better than you are!”

Your motivation is self-centered, not like a true genius.”

“Listen, Louie, you’re not much better than I am, you know.”

“Ah, but you see, Lieutenant, I just like machines, period. Machines can be made to do anything that humans can’t do. Someday I’ll make a machine that enhances life by supplementing all human inadequacies, thereby creating an ideal society.”

“Well, what do you know! You’re such a romantic.”

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Doctor Who, Eleven For Eleven: Let’s Kill Hitler

“More guilt! Come on, there must be someone left in the universe I haven’t screwed up yet!”

Interesting, mostly fun, a little bit disappointing but a lot surprising: that’s how I’d describe “Let’s Kill Hitler,” the mid-season premiere of DOCTOR WHO’s thirty-second proper season-slash-series. After a cute opening that introduces an obnoxious new character who seems strangely familiar, the TARDIS crew winds up going along with the plan outlined in the title, only to get things a bit wrong and get sidetracked by some very classic-WHO-on-a-good-budget sci-fi stuff that’s wandering around World War II-era Berlin, as well as the resolution of some of the lingering business from the spring. That’s one thing I didn’t really expect: some closure. As always, spoilers follow. Continue reading