Protocultural Artifacts: Dana & Zor

Matchbox Dana Sterling & Zor Prime (1986) sitting at the feet of the Playmates Veritech Hover Tank (1995) & Bioroid Invid Fighter (1994).

Hovertanks and Bioroids are supposed to be approximately the same height. Also, Dana Sterling and Zor Prime are supposed to be at least reasonably attractive people. The folks at Matchbox seem to have missed both of those memos.

Protocultural Artifacts: Sterling Family Reunion

Clockwise from top: Matchbox Dana Sterling action figure (1986), Playmates Exo-Squad Robotech Veritech Hover Tank (1995), Yamato GNU-Dou VF-1A Max Type TV Ver. (2009), Toynami Robotech Masterpiece Collection Maia Sterling's Shadow Fighter (2010).

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Protocultural Artifacts: Dana Sterling w/ Hovercycle

The dearth of merchandising available for SUPER DIMENSION CAVALRY SOUTHERN CROSS in Japan and the second generation of ROBOTECH in the United States means that fans of that show in either incarnation will, if the drive is strong enough, find themselves buying just about anything featuring its cast of characters and iconography. Consequently, I own a Harmony Gold-issued Dana Sterling doll (1992) and its matching Matchbox Hovercycle (1986). Yes, that makes me a thirty year old man who owns a doll, but alongside the small Dana Sterling action figure mounted on its Hovertank it makes a nice display piece. The Dana Sterling doll, oddly enough, was originally issued by Matchbox wearing a pink striped dress; only in this later Harmony Gold release was she released clad in her Southern Cross military uniform. Strange that they thought she’d sell better sans her iconic look.