Protocultural Artifacts: Dana & Zor

Matchbox Dana Sterling & Zor Prime (1986) sitting at the feet of the Playmates Veritech Hover Tank (1995) & Bioroid Invid Fighter (1994).

Hovertanks and Bioroids are supposed to be approximately the same height. Also, Dana Sterling and Zor Prime are supposed to be at least reasonably attractive people. The folks at Matchbox seem to have missed both of those memos.


3 thoughts on “Protocultural Artifacts: Dana & Zor

  1. Considering that the Matchbox Invid mecha can accommodate for a pilot, it’s a shame they didn’t also design the Bioroids that way.

    I guess it might’ve been difficult to do properly, considering that Bioroid pilots enter/exit through that cool chest hatch. But it’s not like toy manufacturers haven’t done workarounds for these types of things before. (The “cockpit” style opening of the original Millennium Falcon toy comes to mind.)

    Still, if they had done this, the Bioroid would likely be in a scale comparable to the hovertank. Oh, well. At least we got something.

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