THIS ROBOTECH THING episode 0.11 – “It Could Have Been Worse”

I really wanted to get this up on Wednesday so I’d have a new post for three Wednesdays in a row, but iMovie, YouTube, and the DSL connection in my Place of Exile conspired against me and caused the release of this episode of THIS ROBOTECH THING, my irregularly posted current ROBOTECH-related YouTube commentary show, to slip a day. Frustrating for me, but given that I haven’t posted one of these since September I’m sure you’re not particularly bothered.

I did a Year In Review last year around this time, and given that I hadn’t been doing the show for long at that point (it was only the third episode) I covered a number of things then that I hadn’t covered before. However, most of the stories in this episode are repeats after a fashion, right down to the fact that I still don’t think Harmony Gold was entirely in the wrong to bring the lawsuit against Hasbro for that blasted TRANSFORMERS/G.I. JOE Jetfire toy. There’s some new ground to cover where the latest DVD box set release is concerned, and at least as far as my video coverage is concerned there’s some new ground to cover with ROBOTECH/VOLTRON as well, but we don’t get into the land of “all-new material” until I start discussing the new ROBOTECH fan projects that have been cropping up since New Year’s Day. The quality of both projects I discussed is a pretty good omen, I think, though it’s also usually the sort of quality that leads to C&D letters from Harmony Gold’s overzealous legal team.

If you’ve been watching along for the last year or so, you might notice I’ve quietly retired the THIS ROBOTECH THING e-mail address. That’s because I’ve opened up the THIS ROBOTECH THING Tumblr blog to questions. Something tells me this might work out a little better in terms of the whole getting feedback thing, although it does open the door for any old idiot to start pestering the crap out of me. (Please don’t let this realization I’ve just put into print give you any ideas, folks. I could just as easily change my mind about this whole thing.)

As I note, full-blown THIS ROBOTECH THING episodes are on indefinite hiatus, but I’ve got a special video planned out for March and at least one short commentary I’d like to do between now and then, pending the completion of something I was working on over at the Tumblr blog. We’ll see how well I manage my time in the next month in order to get that work finished.

Feel free to provide thoughts on the show here or on the THIS ROBOTECH THING Tumblr, where I can respond to them; alas, I can’t engage over on YouTube because I still steadfastly refuse to give in to their stupid Google+ B.S. (Seriously, Google, just give up; I won’t say nobody likes Google+, but certainly nobody likes having it shoved down their throats.)