Masterpieces with Missing Pieces and Different Pieces.

Last Thursday I received a very large box from the fine folks at Big Bad Toy Store containing two items I’d been looking forward to for many months. I’m generally not one to drop a lot of money on Transformers, at least not on fancy and expensive ones. Ludicrously big ones, sure; last year I dropped some major coin on both a reissue of the legendary 1987 two foot tall Headmaster base Fortress Maximus and Hasbro’s all-new taller-than-Fort-Max-by-an-inch-maybe Titan-class Metroplex. But ever since I experienced some major-league disappointment with Takara’s frustrating Masterpiece Megatron I’ve been gunshy about spending major money on intricately engineered import stuff. However, two things popped up on the radar some months back that caused me to rethink that self-imposed embargo: Year of the Horse Optimus Prime and Masterpiece Generation Two Sideswipe.


Two metal dudes ready to take care of some business.

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This Robotech Thing Special: 29 Years of Robotech

In which Jonathan drinks half a bottle of wine and spends two hours talking about the history and lasting appeal of the ROBOTECH television series and its spinoff material. Many clips from the show are played, many opinions are expressed, and if any mistruths are spoken, let’s just blame the wine.

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This Robotech Thing Tumblr Week(s) in Review, Feb. 17-28

I’d say up until the point that I posted the new episode of the This Robotech Thing YouTube show, it really wasn’t that eventful a couple of weeks on the Tumblr blog, which is my excuse for not posting a round-up next week. But really, if I’m being perfectly honest, I just forgot. And I am being perfectly honest, mostly because I’ve drank a little too much wine while shooting footage for the This Robotech Thing special I have planned for the 29th anniversary for the premiere of ROBOTECH in the week ahead. (That’ll be up here in a week’s time; keep your eye on the Tumblr blog or the YouTube channel to see it when it posts.)

For those who haven’t seen it, here’s the new episode of This Robotech Thing. Below that, the other stuff that’s gone up in the past two weeks.

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