Why Do I Do This To Myself: Some Things That Caught My Eye From Toy Fair 2015.

So the New York Toy Fair, the biggest annual trade show for kid-and-collector-oriented playthings in the States, was this past weekend. Naturally, all through Saturday and Sunday I had my eyes glued to several websites to see what’s coming up in the land of superhero & sci-fi action figures and plastic and die-cast robots. This was probably the worst possible time for me to be eyeballing shiny new collectibles, as I’m about to be out of a job (more on this situation later), but as someone who’s been surrounded by toys all my life, I can’t help at least looking at what’s on the horizon, even if I might not be able to grab all, or any, of this stuff right when it drops. What follows is a roundup of the things that most grabbed my attention this year — not that I’ll be able to get all of it, but I’d definitely consider a lot of this stuff.

(Pics have been *ahem* borrowed from Toy News International, TFW2005, The Toyark, and Figures.com.)

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Ladies’ Night at Maccadam’s Old Oil House.

A few weeks ago, when I was looking at TFWiki.net‘s article on Arcee, I read a quote from the writer of 1986’s Transformers: The Movie, Ron Friedman, regarding the character that really struck me, especially in light of the last couple of Transformers cartoons and the figures we’re looking at today.

And they were absolutely resistant to Arcee. I said I had a daughter who loves this stuff. There are other girls that like it. Put in a female Autobot!

It’s a good thing Friedman stood his ground. Today, not only do we have multiple iterations of Arcee across a few different cartoons and other media (my favorite being the blue bike from Transformers: Prime, though I still have a soft spot for the Susan Blu-voiced original), but we also have Autobots like Strongarm, the new heroine from this year’s cartoon Robots In Disguise (see my review of her figure from a couple of weeks ago), and the subjects of today’s toy review: IDW comic book stars Windblade, who had her own IDW comics mini-series last year and has a brand-new ongoing title beginning this year, and Chromia, a one-off character from the original cartoon who’s graduated to a supporting role (nearly co-star status, if last year’s mini is anything to go by) in Windblade’s storyline. The latter two, along with the Generations Arcee figure we looked at in January, were some of the last new Generations figures released pre-Combiner Wars, and honestly I never wound up seeing them in the wild; I had to order them from Big Bad Toy Store. Yay for Hasbro giving us more female characters in the line, but boo on them for tossing them in a later wave that stores were obviously going to under-order on. Continue reading

What I’ve Been Watching, Winter 2015 Edition

Those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter wouldn’t know this, but I’ve actually been watching a number of anime series, both old and new, this season. I actually kind of picked the habit back up last year, when Space Dandy was making its first run on Cartoon Network’s Saturday late-night Toonami block, but thanks to some old favorite creators getting back on the horse, some shows I remember liking OK returning after absences (some of a few months, others of several years), and a decision to finally burn through some of those backlogged DVD & Blu Ray box sets I’ve bought from so many Right Stuf holiday sales, I’ve actually got quite a list going right now. Today I’ll be sharing five of those shows with you and letting you know whether or not you should be joining me in inviting these shows into my eyeballs. Continue reading