If we’re all very good, we might get a new DANCOUGAR release out of this, so respect the pink-haired girl cartoon.

Over on ye olde ROBOTECH tumblr of all things, I’ve taken a moment to highlight William Winckler Productions’s new digital download release of the first four episodes FAIRY PRINCESS MINKY MOMO on Amazon’s Instant Video service.

“Why in heaven’s name would you do that THERE of all places?”

Well, as I explain there (visit the link for more details), it’s apparently based on a 1984-copyrighted Harmony Gold English dubbed version of the show that HGUSA was trying to get off the ground around the same time as they were doing ROBOTECH; in fact, it features a number of voice actors who you’d recognize from ROBOTECH. (It also strikes me as something that should have been on Nickelodeon in 1989 right between NOOZLES and MAYA THE BEE. Very similar vibe in look, story, and English adaptation.) Despite the Winckler release using the original Japanese series name, the dub renames the main character “Gigi,” which it not only has in common with Harmony Gold’s later dub of one of the MINKY MOMO original video releases in ’87 (released as GIGI AND THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, a mainstay of rental stores and the Kay Bee Toys video section all through the 1990s), but also other dubbed versions across Europe, which all apparently used the Harmony Gold version as a jumping-off point despite the fact that it never aired in its home territory.

I love seeing older anime released in the States, especially when there’s a bit of a story behind it and a vintage dub that had been lost to the ages involved, so this whole situation has me tickled in the same way that Discotek’s LUPIN III: MYSTERY OF MAMO having four different English versions on it does. If you can get past the sickly-sweetness of it — hey, it’s an old cartoon for tiny girls, that comes with the territory — and some rough acting in the first episode, it’s a very well made show that I can’t stop describing as rather charming. The only thing you might find to be a stumbling block is that it is priced at about what you probably would have paid for a VHS of the thing shelved right next to that GIGI AND THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH tape, a cool $14.99. If you’re a nut for this kind of stuff like me and want to take the plunge, you can find it here on Amazon.


5 thoughts on “If we’re all very good, we might get a new DANCOUGAR release out of this, so respect the pink-haired girl cartoon.

  1. Loving your site! I too am a pretty big fan of Robotech and have been since I was just a kid. In fact I just started doing a Robotech Webcomic which I’m sure isn’t quite up to par yet. http://skullsquadron.tumblr.com/. This isn’t me trying to post myself on others blogs, this is honestly just one Robotech fan sharing with another. I only discovered your website, by accident, last week and I’m slowly reading through everything. You really have a great way of writing, easy to read and informative. I just wanted to let you know that I’ll keep reading if you keep posting. Also, as far as good anime, if you haven’t watched it yet and I just haven’t gotten to that blog yet, SAO (Sword Art Online) is pretty fantastic for the most part.

  2. Oh, also, have you watched Macross Frontier or Macross Zero? Macross Frontier is awesome, it blew me away with all the nods it gives to the original Macross (Robotech) series. It’s a great treat especially if you’ve watched Macross Zero and the DYRL movie.

    • @SM’sB: I can answer your question regarding Frontier by directing you to his tumblr called “This Robotech Thing”: It is used for posting pictures of various Robotech media i.e. the show, comics, books, etc., & is the place for answering user questions, among them Frontier. To briefly summarize, while he liked some parts of the second movie, Frontier as a whole is a cash grab to him (like it was made just to sell toys, figurines, CDs, and so on). Before the movies, he only watched the first episode and hated it; he had a friend who watches it tell him what happens as the episodes came out & he has mixed reactions to it himself. He also found there was too much reliance on the nods you like, though he describes it as “riffing on the older Macross material.” If you want to know what he thinks of Zero, ask him on the tumblr page.
      As for myself, I gave all five episodes of Zero a watch back in the day and I honestly feel it as the antithesis of The Original Series & DYRL movie. The characters were not likable, the designs forgettable, and if I want an environmental message, I’d watch a Miyazaki movie. My only interest in Frontier was limited to the the audition winner chosen to play Ranka Lee named Megumi Nakajima and only to see if the series will make a star out of her. If I couldn’t find enjoyment in watching Zero, I’d doubt I could get into Frontier (and that’s even with the many amounts of fan-service in there).

      • I didn’t like zero either. But there’s some parts of that that come up in frontier. Yeah, I loved the nods. It was like a crap ton of Easter eggs on Easter. But I guess it’s not for everyone. Thanks for the answer!

  3. Long, long ago (1982) I watched Minky Momo when it was brand-new. I didn’t understand Japanese then and I still don’t, but I was utterly charmed by it. My tolerance for magical girl anime was due entirely to Momo, who had more personality than gimmicks. That it was produced by the same studio that made Goshogun didn’t hurt, either (they even parodied it!). I never thought I’d ever see it in English, and then I stumbled in here and saw this…what can I say? Thank you!!

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