Well, there went another year. That wouldn’t have been so eventful if not for the whole losing-my-job-to-corporate-bankruptcy thing, which still smarts. Still having work dreams, still getting polite “we’ll keep your resume on file” e-mails, still posting toys and comics and things to eBay (nothing’s up as of this writing, but I’ll be doing another round next week). It’s rough going, but it’d be rougher if not for my family, bless ’em. They might sometimes drive me bananas, but they’re always here for me in a pinch. I probably don’t thank them enough, honestly.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a pile of things planned for the blog next week, including a new This Robotech Thing I shot some footage for last night and a review I started on last week that the blog ate, which makes it twice the cautionary tale that it was to begin with. More than anything, right now my goal is to keep myself busy and productive. I’ve got nothing but time on my hands at the moment — why not take advantage of it, right?

Mind you, today? Today, I’m just going to do my best to relax. Put this new Ultra Magnus through his paces (and hopefully sticker him up with some Reprolabels that are supposed to be coming in the mail any day now), watch some anime, play some more Lords of Thunder, and try and enjoy the day.

(Photo context here. And now that I’ve written this, time to get caught up on Arrow and heat up some soup.)


4 thoughts on “Thirty-four.

  1. Key! Maybe you could run down to your local anime store this evening, buy some version Katoki decals, and make your new friend a version KA! =D *Squee!!!* Happy Birthday Captain! Honest!

  2. Happy Birthday, Jonathan! Plus, I want to apologize for what happened last August because I was angry at the fact that the Robotech Academy Kickstarter was cancelled and I didn’t mean to take it out on you. I hope that you’ll forgive me.

  3. John: Ol’ Magnus’d look a little odd with all the extra orangish-yellow and white verbiage printed askew a Version Ka would entail (or, at least, those were the hallmarks of a Katoki redesign back when I was working at the anime store ten years ago).

    Callie: I don’t think I ever got around to forgiving you for the LAST frustrating, somewhat insensitive thing you said to me before that. But, hey, negative energy rots the soul and life’s too short to bother carrying pointless grudges around. All is forgiven. Just please don’t try calling my cell phone again. That was kind of creepy.

    Thanks, guys.

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