Some Minor Updates, or The Big Three-Oh, Part 1.5 and Some Other Bits.

For a few days this past week I took a series of cracks at the first of those reviews I was planning and I just couldn’t break through the opening paragraph. I have a rough shape of the review in my head, but it’s been tricky, and not helped at all by the fact that I started to write this thing a couple of weeks ago and lost it. (I thought WordPress was auto-saving, since that’s a thing it used to do, but I guess the new post editor only saves drafts manually.) However, something happened this past week that I think gave me a better way in, so you should be seeing that next week.

I’m also still planning on doing that new episode of This Robotech Thing (I still have to shoot an intro, a news update, and an outro for it), but in the meantime I posted a series of photos of the second wave of Robotech 30th Anniversary product — the blind box figure assortment — to the Tumblr blog. Links to those posts follow.

Tomahawk Destroid (featuring the Olive Drab-colored Yamato Tomahawk)
VF-1A Max Sterling (featuring the 1/60 Yamato & 1/100 30th Anniversary figures)
VF-1S Skull Leader (featuring the 1/100 30th Anniversary figure & an unlicensed SD figure)
Regult Tactical Battlepod (featuring the Matchbox & Playmates Battlepod vehicles)
Rick Hunter (featuring the Matchbox Rick Hunter action figure)

Yeah, I know, I skipped Miriya’s VF-1J. I didn’t have anything handy aside from the 1/100 to compare it to, and the Valkyrie sculpts are pretty similar, so I figured I’d pass on it for now.

I spent most of my yesterday watching the entirety of the new Daredevil TV series Marvel produced for Netflix. Strongly recommended if you dig the urban vigilante mode of superheroics and have access to a Netflix account. Charlie Cox inhabits the role of Matt Murdock in a way I haven’t seen since — I was going to say RDJ as Tony Stark, but that was more a case of overwriting the character’s previous paradigm, and Cox’s performance just seems a natural extrapolation of the character as he appears on the comics page. While there are naturally origin elements present — and everything does get filled in as flashbacks over the course of the series — the show hits the ground running in a way that reminds me of the 1989 Batman movie; the titular character we see at the outset isn’t fully formed yet, but he still functions as a recognizable version of that character and not some inferior prototype version doomed to infuriate long-time fans. Yes, the 1989 Batman does deviate from canon in ways that rankle fans to this day, but from the get-go he’s set up as a recognizable, functioning, thug-clobbering, Batmobile-driving, detective work-doing and brooding version of the character, albeit one still in his early days. He ticks all the boxes you’d expect. Likewise, Daredevil‘s Matt Murdock does all the martial arts fighting and agonizing over his decisions in a church that you’d expect, though maybe a little less lawyering than I’d have liked — but with thirteen episodes and a fairly sizable cast I guess something had to give. An awful lot of time is given over to Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk, who’s made into a fairly sympathetic monster, but a monster nonetheless; I want to say he’s the weakest thing in the show, but that makes him sound worse than he is. When he’s on the money, he’s really on the money, but I think sometimes D’Onofrio just doesn’t know what level to pitch him at. He clearly evolves over the course of the show, probably more than Matt/Daredevil does, but I also feel like the creators’ conception of him is evolving at the same time, which leads to the character feeling a bit disjointed. I’m thinking I wouldn’t have picked up on this, or found it to be as big of a deal, if I hadn’t just watched thirteen episodes over fifteen hours or so.

During the course of my Daredevil marathon viewing I got a call for a job interview next week, which is nice, almost like life or fate or the guiding force that rules the cosmos saying, “enjoy this one last major perk of being unemployed, because this really can’t go on much longer.” (Which is absolutely true.) Fingers crossed that I don’t screw this up.

As always, more later.