2016-04-03 03.53.31

Cripes, bit dusty around here, isn’t it? Well, here’s the annual combination ongoing gag/proof of life. Couldn’t let the 3rd of April pass without it!

As I’m sure is abundantly clear, nothing I planned on for the blog in the last year actually happened. It was a combination of the ol’ Unemployment Blues and the cloud of overwhelming misery that had been (and continues) hanging over my head ever since I moved back to Kansas nearly four years ago now.

For those not in the know (folks who aren’t friends on Facebook and didn’t pick up on it on Twitter), I did wind up with a new job in July, at which point I also abruptly stopped posting to the This Robotech Thing Tumblr as well — which is a shame, because I was well into posting a whole series of chronological scenes from All The Robotech Comics. Think I dropped off during The Malcontent Uprisings, which means I made it through all the dire issues of Return to Macross and the entire Comico The Macross Saga. Anyway, that was just low-grade filler content, something I could do on autopilot and still feel like I was doing something so not a terrible loss to the world. Much more importantly, the new job seems to be working out — almost nine months at it now — and I’m not spending anywhere near as much time walking around town fantasizing about slitting my own wrists, so that’s an improvement on a year ago.

Yes, as I said, the cloud of misery still hangs over me, but I’m mostly dealing with that (read: not actually dealing with that, just distracting myself from it) by spending a lot of time at the local downtown coffee shop reading Star Wars and Doctor Who novels (though at the moment I’m in the middle of a reread of Dune and some –gasp! — actual grown-up historical fiction I checked out of the library), buying more toy robots, and playing the Playstation 4 I just got for this very birthday (playing lots of Street Fighter V over the past week, badly).

Also, the new Macross show that, hilariously, premieres in Japan today — just like Macross Frontier did eight years ago! — didn’t look like something I’ll hate when it was previewed back in December. Between that, last year’s Star Wars not being terrible, and the last season of Doctor Who sticking the landing, things really could be so much worse.

(Okay, so things could be a little more sunshine and roses in the real world, what with the right wing passing all sorts of hideous pro-discrimination bills in states across the country and folks proudly showing off what damned fools and monsters they are by supporting the Racist Bad Haircut That Walks Like A Man, but I expect there isn’t a whole lot I can personally do about all that short of going out to vote this November.)

No promises of something new and/or exciting coming down the pipeline this time, because one thing I’ve learned is to stop doing that, but there is one particular series I’d love to do to commemorate a certain woulda/coulda/shoulda anniversary this year. We’ll see if I manage to make the time to do it. All I can promise for the future is that, barring some horrible accident, there will be another picture of me with yet another Ultra Magnus in front of my face this time next year, because that seems like a tradition that really is working out for me.

Cheers, all.

(Last year here; the year before and the original photo this is based on here.)