Robotech, In Brief: Catastrophe

“I reject the structure of your civilization! I reject your values and your beliefs! I am an individual human being from the planet Earth!”

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Robotech, In Brief: The Invid Connection

“What are they doing injecting the clones with anti-pain serum?”

“Because with the serum they become immune to pain and can stay in battle til the bitter end.”

“It has come to this?”

“That is their fate. War is their sacrificial altar. It is the Robotech way.

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Robotech, In Brief: Daydreamer

“What do you mean, you’d rather have stayed on that ship?”

“That’s precisely what I mean, Angelo. That ship is where I belong.”

“You’d probably be dead now. Did that occur to you?”

“I’m aware of that. In fact, that’s exactly my point.”


“Can’t you see it? A hero’s funeral. A golden opportunity for you to display those wonderful emotions of yours, weeping for a fallen comrade and all that.”

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Robotech, In Brief: Crisis Point

“I can’t take any more of this. Please, tell me who I am, Musica. Why is my mind so full of nightmares like this?”

“You are Zor Prime, a clone of the first Robotech Master.”

“What? What are you saying?”

“Stop it, Zor! You mustn’t ask me for any more! They’ll deprogram you if they think you know too much!”

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Robotech, In Brief: Mind Games

“… understand that the better we perform our mission, the better this planet’s hope for survival. I wish I could remember more than I do, but one thing I do remember: I was much less than a human being while under the control of the Robotech Masters. I want to destroy them now, to make sure that I will never be like that again.

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