Why Do I Do This To Myself: Some Things That Caught My Eye From Toy Fair 2015.

So the New York Toy Fair, the biggest annual trade show for kid-and-collector-oriented playthings in the States, was this past weekend. Naturally, all through Saturday and Sunday I had my eyes glued to several websites to see what’s coming up in the land of superhero & sci-fi action figures and plastic and die-cast robots. This was probably the worst possible time for me to be eyeballing shiny new collectibles, as I’m about to be out of a job (more on this situation later), but as someone who’s been surrounded by toys all my life, I can’t help at least looking at what’s on the horizon, even if I might not be able to grab all, or any, of this stuff right when it drops. What follows is a roundup of the things that most grabbed my attention this year — not that I’ll be able to get all of it, but I’d definitely consider a lot of this stuff.

(Pics have been *ahem* borrowed from Toy News International, TFW2005, The Toyark, and Figures.com.)

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It’s like Christmas, only in February and you don’t actually get anything.

For those of you not plugged into all things childish and geeky, the New York Toy Fair was this weekend past. As is my custom, I spent most of the weekend glued to an internet-capable device, constantly hitting “refresh” as new and exciting pictures of new and exciting product for properties that are old enough for me to deeply, seriously, and stupidly care about were posted by the small army of nerds on the ground. In the wake of my pictorial sensory overload, I’ve raided the picture archives of Figures.com to show you, the home viewer, the eleven(ish) items I am most likely to buy out of everything that I actually caught sight of.

Join me after the break, won’t you?

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Beating Back the Backlog: Batman’s Back, and Other Comics I Read Recently.

As a rule, I’ve read my monthly comic book periodicals in alphabetical order for, ooh, most of the last ten years. It’s the only sane way to make it through everything; hell, it’s the only way to get me to read a book I’ve preordered but I’ve stopped “feeling” two months ago (hello there, DOOM PATROL and WILDCATS). The side effect of this has always been that I’ll make it through BATMAN, definitely through THE MUPPET SHOW, maybe even all the way to TRANSFORMERS if I’m lucky, but often I’ll wind up with a backlog of something like a half dozen USAGI YOJIMBOs and some X-books laying around the place for half a year.

I spent the last two hours this Friday evening reading comics and I’ve only made it through “B.” Let’s see what I thought of all this nonsense.

Disney buys Marvel and Howard STILL has to wear pants. No justice in this world!

Warning: this cover is much more entertaining than the book's contents.

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