Robotech, In Brief: Boobytrap

Cropped image from the original cover art to "Genesis," the 1st Robotech novelization. Art by David Schleinkofer.

The long wars begin. Art by David Schleinkofer.

Before we begin, a quick introduction.

“Robotech, In Brief” is the spiritual successor to a project I undertook in the summer of last year, “365 Days of Robotech, which was to be my “last word” on the Robotech franchise. With that in mind, given my long personal association with the series — both in terms of writing stuff about Robotech on the internet (I’ve been writing about it extensively on the ‘net since I was a teenager) and in print (I contributed some words to the Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles artbook, wrote continuity notes on the last two novelization omnibus editions, and produced an article on the history of the franchise that appeared in a magazine once) — I drove myself crazy detailing every last little facet of every piece of┬áRobotech television and comic book material I wrote up, went many sleepless nights doing so, and ultimately crashed under the pressure of my own ridiculously high standards.

I refuse to let that happen again. That’s why I put the words “In Brief” in the title of THIS project. Continue reading