Vlog 06.25.2011 – Catching Up With Comics

Thirty long minutes of talking up and discussing my reactions to a handful of comic book series I’ve been reading and getting caught up on. The four series I talk about are all ones I’m pretty pleased with as of late; the only one I’ve been waffling on is IDW’s Transformers, and honestly, it really is the least of those discussed; I started reading Uncanny X-Force because of good buzz, while Transformers is something I’m reading because, eh, it’s Transformers. To be fair, these past two issues were especially well crafted, mostly a result of Guido Guidi’s always strong artwork. (Honestly, I think he’s a better Transformers artist than everyone’s favorite Pat Lee ghost-artist Alex Milne, and there are times I prefer him to king of the fan faves Don Figueroa.) And, as I say above, it pushed my nostalgia buttons pretty hard; I’m always a sucker for Rodimus and Galvatron.

Anyway, watch & comment. It’s a long one, like I said, so I don’t expect a massive amount of viewers and hits and stuff, but I’d be interested in seeing what other people have been reading out there comics-wise.


Beating Back the Backlog: Batman’s Back, and Other Comics I Read Recently.

As a rule, I’ve read my monthly comic book periodicals in alphabetical order for, ooh, most of the last ten years. It’s the only sane way to make it through everything; hell, it’s the only way to get me to read a book I’ve preordered but I’ve stopped “feeling” two months ago (hello there, DOOM PATROL and WILDCATS). The side effect of this has always been that I’ll make it through BATMAN, definitely through THE MUPPET SHOW, maybe even all the way to TRANSFORMERS if I’m lucky, but often I’ll wind up with a backlog of something like a half dozen USAGI YOJIMBOs and some X-books laying around the place for half a year.

I spent the last two hours this Friday evening reading comics and I’ve only made it through “B.” Let’s see what I thought of all this nonsense.

Disney buys Marvel and Howard STILL has to wear pants. No justice in this world!

Warning: this cover is much more entertaining than the book's contents.

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