Some Minor Updates, or The Big Three-Oh, Part 1.5 and Some Other Bits.

For a few days this past week I took a series of cracks at the first of those reviews I was planning and I just couldn’t break through the opening paragraph. I have a rough shape of the review in my head, but it’s been tricky, and not helped at all by the fact that I started to write this thing a couple of weeks ago and lost it. (I thought WordPress was auto-saving, since that’s a thing it used to do, but I guess the new post editor only saves drafts manually.) However, something happened this past week that I think gave me a better way in, so you should be seeing that next week.

I’m also still planning on doing that new episode of This Robotech Thing (I still have to shoot an intro, a news update, and an outro for it), but in the meantime I posted a series of photos of the second wave of Robotech 30th Anniversary product — the blind box figure assortment — to the Tumblr blog. Links to those posts follow. Continue reading


This Robotech Thing Tumblr Week(s) in Review, Feb. 17-28

I’d say up until the point that I posted the new episode of the This Robotech Thing YouTube show, it really wasn’t that eventful a couple of weeks on the Tumblr blog, which is my excuse for not posting a round-up next week. But really, if I’m being perfectly honest, I just forgot. And I am being perfectly honest, mostly because I’ve drank a little too much wine while shooting footage for the This Robotech Thing special I have planned for the 29th anniversary for the premiere of ROBOTECH in the week ahead. (That’ll be up here in a week’s time; keep your eye on the Tumblr blog or the YouTube channel to see it when it posts.)

For those who haven’t seen it, here’s the new episode of This Robotech Thing. Below that, the other stuff that’s gone up in the past two weeks.

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