This Robotech Thing Special: 29 Years of Robotech

In which Jonathan drinks half a bottle of wine and spends two hours talking about the history and lasting appeal of the ROBOTECH television series and its spinoff material. Many clips from the show are played, many opinions are expressed, and if any mistruths are spoken, let’s just blame the wine.

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Protocultural Artifacts: The Robotech Masters

Background: Playmates Bioroid Invid Fighter (1994) atop a Matchbox Bioroid Hovercraft (1986), flanked by two Matchbox Bioroid Terminators (1986). Foreground: Harmony Gold Robotech Master (1992) flanked by two Matchbox Robotech Masters (1986).

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Robotech, In Brief: False Start

“Do you have anything to say for yourself, in your defense?

“I think a hot shower would be pretty nice.”


“And if I could just change my clothes, maybe a manicure or something.”

“It’s obvious I’m dealing with a moron …”

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Robotech, In Brief: The Robotech Masters

“Either the Disciples of Zor have found the abandoned Protoculture Factory and begun a new offensive against our Zentraedi warriors, or the Invid have beaten us to the prize and now control production of Protoculture.”

“I believe that is highly unlikely. All logic circuits suggest that the Invid have no knowledge of the whereabouts of Zor’s battle fortress at this time.”

“Then we must assume that the Zentraedi have indeed found the Protoculture Factory, ensuring a future for our Robotechnology.”

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