More action figure fun with the Doctor and friends (and enemies).

Yesterday in the mail I got some Dalek figures from Character Options’ recent DOCTOR WHO action figure waves based on Matt Smith’s first season as the Doctor — the second release “Ironsides” Dalek and the yellow “New Dalek Paradigm” Eternal Dalek. That was just the nudge I needed to start another photo frenzy with the last month’s worth of DOCTOR WHO figure acquisitions.

A shame there isn't a little Amelia Pond figure for him to encounter.

The new Doctor emerges, per the just past season premiere "The Eleventh Hour."

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10 (of 11) Doctors and friends (and enemies). Part One.

The Doctor and Amy approach the TARDIS.

"Yes, it's *a* TARDIS, but it's not *our* TARDIS ..."

As promised, photos of the contents of the Eleven Doctors figure box, alongside my TARDIS and various friends and enemies of the good Doctor. No photos of my miserable-looking Peter Davison, basically due to the fact that I’m writing and posting these in the waning hours of my day off and I’d like to be happy and positive and stay in a good mood and not grouse about how I had to spend an extra sixteen bucks to buy someone ELSE’S Peter Davison out of THEIR Eleven Doctors set to get one that didn’t look like he was suffering from a major head injury. Also, wasn’t sure how well the “damage” would photograph and didn’t want to hear any “oh, that’s a fixer-upper, you’d just have to do such-and-such,” or, “oh, that doesn’t look too bad, what are you complaining about?”

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