Gateway to Obsession: The Last Video Game Series I Really Care About.

Ys: the ideal utopia. Once a country so peaceful and prosperous, a country where children were as free as the wind, a country where harmony blew through the hearts of all men.

Ys: a kingdom ruled by the wisdom and charity of its six powerful priests, an empire watched over and blessed by the enchanting aura of its two beautiful goddesses.

Ys: the seemingly tranquil paradise, suddenly pulled from the height of its civilization to the empty abyss of infinite isolation. How could such a land of promise simply vanish from the face of the planet? How could such prosperity be forgotten? The legend has been silenced for over seven hundred years.

And now … the mystery unfolds.

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Sometimes I think I need a modern gaming system, sometimes I’m not so sure.

I spent a lot of last week playing FINAL FANTASY II on the SNES — the original U.S. version of the game we’ve come to know, via PlayStation-era and later rereleases, as FINAL FANTASY IV. I’ve had that cart in my possession for most of the past decade, but never finished it after my save file magically got corrupted and leveled up and weird. Right now, though, I’m taking a break from it to play this (not my video, BTW) …

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