Robotech/Voltron #4 & 5 (Dynamite Comics)

“I was sent north to find this Kimba, which I was told could help us back to Earth. I wish I could say more, but I don’t think you’d believe a ghost story.”

Robotech/Voltron #4 is positively tragic. Like the mish-mashed worlds it showcases, it provides a window into a universe where this mini-series as a whole carried the spirit of its predecessors, the lively, pulpy Robotech comics co-writer Bill Spangler scripted back in the early-to-mid 1990s for publishers Malibu/Eternity and Academy. Reading it, I was both elated that the series was picking up steam and worried that there was no way it could be resolved satisfactorily in its concluding issue.

Sadly, I was so right. Robotech/Voltron is easily the worst issue of the run, and is a serious contender for the worst Robotech comic book of all time. Continue reading


Robotech/Voltron #3 (Dynamite Comics)

“I don’t understand. Do you think we’re connected to this SDF-1 somehow?”

“That’s what we’re trying to find out. All we know is that you’re part of this perfect storm of craziness.”


Robotech/Voltron #3 brings us through the halfway point of Dynamite’s crossover between the two premiere Japanese robot anime imports of the 1980s, and while there is still a certain amount of setup going on, some pieces of this machine finally feel like they’re in motion. The crossover finally feels like it’s underway. Unfortunately, that means that we only have two more issues for the whole thing to resolve itself; pacing remains a problem, despite this issue feeling like the series finally coming into its own.

Continue reading

THIS ROBOTECH THING episode 0.11 – “It Could Have Been Worse”

I really wanted to get this up on Wednesday so I’d have a new post for three Wednesdays in a row, but iMovie, YouTube, and the DSL connection in my Place of Exile conspired against me and caused the release of this episode of THIS ROBOTECH THING, my irregularly posted current ROBOTECH-related YouTube commentary show, to slip a day. Frustrating for me, but given that I haven’t posted one of these since September I’m sure you’re not particularly bothered. Continue reading

Anime Capsules: Life Is Too Short To Watch Any More Voltron Force.

So it’s the usual U.S. robot cartoons — a good episode of Transformers and a really irritating episode of Voltron that made me think twice about watching the next one — plus I started plowing through the Tiger & Bunny episodes I haven’t seen yet, ending with a big turning point that’s got me charged up to start through the next few. But the big one this week is the dramatic return of Utena director Kunihiko Ikuhara, the premiere of Mawaru Penguindrum. Thoughts on all of the above below. Continue reading

Anime Capsules: Eye Beams, Claws, Lasers, Grappling Hooks, Robots, And More.

Man, this week it started getting warmer and I spent a whole lot of time snoozing my days away, lethargic, unwilling to move. Thankfully I spent a lot of this past Sunday watching the middle third of the recently completed (in its home nation of Japan) X-Men anime series and catching up on the two 1980’s throwback robot cartoons, so I’ve got those to talk about. Continue reading