Protocultural Artifacts: Dana & Zor

Matchbox Dana Sterling & Zor Prime (1986) sitting at the feet of the Playmates Veritech Hover Tank (1995) & Bioroid Invid Fighter (1994).

Hovertanks and Bioroids are supposed to be approximately the same height. Also, Dana Sterling and Zor Prime are supposed to be at least reasonably attractive people. The folks at Matchbox seem to have missed both of those memos.


Robotech, In Brief: A New Recruit

“You may know, Lieutenant, we have a problem with Zor. He’s here, but he’s not here. His memory’s completely wiped out, and we badly need to debrief him.”

“But sir, debrief him right here? Now?”

“No, not now! What’s the matter with you? Just listen to me a moment, Lieutenant. Zor’s now under your personal direction.”

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Robotech, In Brief: False Start

“Do you have anything to say for yourself, in your defense?

“I think a hot shower would be pretty nice.”


“And if I could just change my clothes, maybe a manicure or something.”

“It’s obvious I’m dealing with a moron …”

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